Time to ‘Kick Gas!’ and Clean Up Indoor Air Quality

Natural Gas prices doubled in 2021

■ Outsmart the utility, by replacing natural gas appliances!
□ Avoid non-bypassable charges, taxes, fees and Minimum Bill penalties that would normally occur for months of overproduction.
□ Get a larger utility baseline allowance discount for electric Heat Pump Water Heating.
• Add and store Thermal Energy when utility rates are lowest and when solar production is in excess of loads.
• Cool / Dehumidify interior room(s).
• If adding more solar for HPWH, then during a utility blackout, with a battery there is extended autonomy.
□ Gain usable conditioned space in the home, currently valued at $700-$2,000/sq ft in San Diego, when replacing a gas furnace and removing ductwork, in exchange for a heat pump air-conditioner/heater.
□ Reduce air pollutants and carcinogens, indoors and around the house.
□ Reduce fire risk.

Step 7 – Small Residential Energy Storage Rebate Is Open!

NeoVolta Energy Storage Diagrams

New Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Rebate application for Step 7 – Small Residential Energy Storage funding, becomes available starting Monday, Sept 27, 2021, at a rebate value of $0.15/wH. Caller: “Quick question. I already have solar, so which Battery is right for me? I need an answer ASAP, because SGIP Rebates are back and who …

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose, Since 2010

Extreme competition in the solar industry and falling prices has resulted in poor quality workmanship, electrical problems, roof leaks, gimmicks, and unethical behavior.  Who can you trust to upgrade your most valuable asset, your home? Makello aims to fix the broken solar industry with a full-disclosure report by an Ethical Energy Efficiency Expert, and documentation …

Wipomo’s Mobile Energy Ecosystem

Off-grid Plug-In Vehicle & small electronic charging station

Our off-grid, Plug-In Vehicle & personal electronics charging station delivers “Power when you want it, where you want it, day or night, even during a utility blackout”. The Wipomo Mobile Energy Ecosystem at the home showcase during SDRES Sustainability Tour 2013. People from left to right: Skip Fralick- California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), Juergen Zierler- Architect Wipomo, Hubbell and …