Time to ‘Kick Gas!’ and Clean Up Indoor Air Quality

Natural Gas prices doubled in 2021

■ Outsmart the utility, by replacing natural gas appliances!
□ Avoid non-bypassable charges, taxes, fees and Minimum Bill penalties that would normally occur for months of overproduction.
□ Get a larger utility baseline allowance discount for electric Heat Pump Water Heating.
• Add and store Thermal Energy when utility rates are lowest and when solar production is in excess of loads.
• Cool / Dehumidify interior room(s).
• If adding more solar for HPWH, then during a utility blackout, with a battery there is extended autonomy.
□ Gain usable conditioned space in the home, currently valued at $700-$2,000/sq ft in San Diego, when replacing a gas furnace and removing ductwork, in exchange for a heat pump air-conditioner/heater.
□ Reduce air pollutants and carcinogens, indoors and around the house.
□ Reduce fire risk.

Equity, Electric Vehicle Sales and Public Charging Stations

Map showing the distribution of public electric vehicle charging stations in San Diego County

What comes to mind when you think of the average electric vehicle owner? Where do they live and what is their economic status? These are excellent questions to ask when assessing where to build EV charging infrastructure, but are impressions correct and rooted in reality? Are community resources being distributed equitably or are misconceptions leaving …

SDG&E $500 Rebate Ends Soon on 375% Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater!

SDG&E $500 Rebate Ending Soon on 375% Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater!

Reserve your 50 Gallon Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater NOW and get a $500 SDG&E Point-Of-Sale Rebate (for SDG&E customers only) 50 Gal Rheem Professional Prestige ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater PROUH50-T2-RU375-15 (15A) OR PROUH50-T2-RU375-30 (30A). On December 31, 2021*, or as soon as the SDG&E Rebate program funds are exhausted, the $500 Rebate for …

Step 7 – Small Residential Energy Storage Rebate Is Open!

NeoVolta Energy Storage Diagrams

New Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) Rebate application for Step 7 – Small Residential Energy Storage funding, becomes available starting Monday, Sept 27, 2021, at a rebate value of $0.15/wH. Caller: “Quick question. I already have solar, so which Battery is right for me? I need an answer ASAP, because SGIP Rebates are back and who …

Makello pays it forward, on KPBS Evening Edition

pay it forward, solve inequity, share solutions

Makello CEO Charlie Johnson was recently interviewed by KPBS Investigative Reporter Claire Trageser for the KPBS Evening Edition story “Lending Ends Monday For Third Round Of PPP, Which Aims To Correct Inequities“ Makello pays it forward by giving back to the community in many ways. In this case, on May 5th, we shared information with KPBS …

Greening MTS

Makello supports community and non-profit organizations

When people think of buses, many think of the stinky exhaust fumes. Fortunately, San Diego has an ambitious climate action plan that puts an emphasis on clean public transportation and MTS has been implementing changes in vehicle fuel types to improve the region’s air quality and lower costs. The latest step for MTS has been …

Joyrider Changes Everything (2021)

Electric vehicle. Ride and drive Liberty Station

An EV “Ride N Drive” event takes a supernatural detour, when riders temporarily, uncontrollably and inexplicably become “Energy Zombies”, smitten by the overpowering experience of driving electric for the 1st time, with instant torque, no noise and zero emissions.

Our Mission, Vision and Purpose, Since 2010

Extreme competition in the solar industry and falling prices has resulted in poor quality workmanship, electrical problems, roof leaks, gimmicks, and unethical behavior.  Who can you trust to upgrade your most valuable asset, your home? Makello aims to fix the broken solar industry with a full-disclosure report by an Ethical Energy Efficiency Expert, and documentation …

At Job-I-Con, Makello’s Win is “Made in the Shade”

Skyline showcases are difficult to manage.  At the September 18, 2019 “Job-I-Con” Hiring Event, held at the San Diego Library, 9th floor, the window walls stand 25’ tall, on 3 sides. The east wall and roof shade cast the entire room into heavy contrast between 10 AM and 12 PM.   Makello understands what daily solar …