How Makello Was Born

The view inspired making your electric bill low with Makello
The idea came to me here.

Recently, upon arrival at a customer’s home in Valley Center, I declared I knew of a solution to his $24,000/year electric bill, that costs less than $2,000, and wouldn’t require trenching, electric panel upgrades or a SDGE service upgrade. 

Judging by his reaction, I knew we had something big…

There was no sales gimmicks involved.  Other companies were bidding $45K – $55K for his job.  How could we do it for $2K?  The answer comes from years of industry knowledge and experiences.  I call it: “Makello”, as in “Make it low”, or “make your energy bills as low as possible, for as little investment as possible”.

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Since 2014, Wipomo and Green Energy EPC have improved energy efficiency at many hundreds of homes and businesses in California.

The San Diego market is in extreme competition, so we’re always keeping an eye open for a way to make energy efficiency more affordable for everyone. 

Now that we know the secret, we’ll have to share it with everyone.