Joyrider Changes Everything (2021)

Electric vehicle. Ride and drive Liberty Station

An EV “Ride N Drive” event takes a supernatural detour, when riders temporarily, uncontrollably and inexplicably become “Energy Zombies”, smitten by the overpowering experience of driving electric for the 1st time, with instant torque, no noise and zero emissions.

Center for Sustainable Energy EV101 Webinar Series

Electric Vehicle Public Charging Station

Makello is a program featured guest presenter and video educator for the community, speaking about EVs, discount utility rates, making money with energy storage, enhanced incentives for qualified individuals, charger types, public charging, home charging, grants, rebates, incentives and many clean air benefits. On August 4, we premiered our Public EV charging demonstrations and interviews …

Wipomo’s Mobile Energy Ecosystem

Off-grid Plug-In Vehicle & small electronic charging station

Our off-grid, Plug-In Vehicle & personal electronics charging station delivers “Power when you want it, where you want it, day or night, even during a utility blackout”. The Wipomo Mobile Energy Ecosystem at the home showcase during SDRES Sustainability Tour 2013. People from left to right: Skip Fralick- California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), Juergen Zierler- Architect Wipomo, Hubbell and …