To Bargain or Not?

Have you noticed that there is a very large variance in the quotes you get from competing solar companies? I did! When I was shopping for the best solar deal to fit my household, I was shocked to find as much as a $10,000 difference in quotes.  That struck me as shady! And shade is not what you want to find in solar!
Apparently, many solar companies think that in order for their customer to “believe” they are getting a good deal, they must give us the “opportunity” to bargain the price down. So they bid high to give themselves wiggle room. And if you don’t bargain them down… Well, All the better for them!

I don’t like that tactic. So for me, the answer to my own question is “not to bargain”. Because it’s hard to be sure then, how far down is the good deal? What is the bottom line? I prefer to just start with a fair price.  It gives me a feeling of trust, that I am dealing with ethical people. In fact, I don’t ever want to pay less (or more) than a fair price. Because, as they say, “you get what you pay for”. 

In my solar research, I developed a passion for clean energy technology. I then found a company that shared that passion and gave me what I knew(by then) to be a fair price quote the first time. They are a same price per watt for all homes company. In fact I was so impressed with the solar company I chose, I joined their team!

What is your answer? To bargain or not to bargain?  That is the question.

By Liza Roocroft, Social Media, Video, Marketing and Events