Social and Environmental Justice Opportunities In Maps

Maps are used for more than directions, and at Makello, we are creating maps to highlight communities within our Service Areas. We have a gallery of maps with community insights and tips regarding solar and electric vehicle adoption. 

San Diego Public EV Charging Stations. East County featured
Makello maps can be used for a variety of reasons. The map above shows Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations throughout San Diego County and outlines cities and CDPs (census-designated places) that make up East County San Diego. Individuals can use this map to locate where they could charge their electric vehicles. Non profits and other agencies can depict social inequity in regards to electric vehicle adoption, which could lead to funding. Many people may not realize how big San Diego County is! Can you think of anything else this and future maps might be used for?

Makello has maps to help prospective Plug-In Vehicle owners determine the current and future availability of public electric vehicle charging stations, in the areas where they work and live. Federal and State programs can provide up to 100% incentives for DC Fast Charging for San Diego, so we built a place where you can pin a location to “Request A Public EV Charger” installation. Our customers find this information very useful in the decision to adopt electric vehicle technology.  After all, who wants to run out of battery while running errands or driving home after work?

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The fee for the Ethical Energy Savings Report is refundable (less the 3rd-Party $15 utility data access charge) or credited towards our installation services, after you attend the presentation meeting and complete a 5 minute survey after permission to operate.

Includes up to 5 hours research by the Makello team, and 1 hour Q&A, by Makello’s Ethical Energy Efficiency Expert.

Many of our clients are concerned about air quality in their community and want to take actions to make improvements where they can be made. In many communities, there are a variety of sources for diesel particulate matter such as trucks, farm and construction equipment, emergency generators, industrial equipment, or older model cars. Makello has utilized the CalEnviroscore data to show our clients where concentrations of particulate matter occur and help those customers adopt solar and battery energy storage for emergencies, reducing the need for diesel generators.

diesel particulate matter pollution North County San Diego
Click on maps and they will open in a new tab at larger resolution. The map shown here shows the diesel particulate matter in cities and CDPs in North County San Diego.

Vehicles with gasoline engines are a significant source of air pollution in urban areas, and although we have adopted high pollution control standards in California, vehicle pollution can still be an issue in many communities. 

Vehicle pollution contains many toxic chemicals and plays a role in the formation of smog. There are many health concerns related to smog pollution, including asthma, heart disease, and lung disease; all are conditions that worsen the outcomes for COVID-19. Health risks increase with proximity to freeways and heavily trafficked roads, for fine particulate matter that can enter the bloodstream and lung tissues. Vehicle traffic can also be a source of excessive noise and vibrations, which contribute to stress and high blood pressure, or injuries to pedestrians.

Traffic Density in South County San Diego
At Makello we strive to accommodate all our customers needs and provide equal access to information for everyone. Our maps are color coded specifically to be able to be interpreted by those who are color blind as well. This map shows traffic density in cities and CDPs of South County San Diego.

Gasoline engines idling in traffic achieve lower miles per gallon and produce pollution. Traffic density represents the number of vehicles in an area producing pollution. Areas with high volumes of traffic have more pollution. Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce pollution on your daily commute or while you are out on the town.

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Jet engines are another source of pollution. The aviation industry is working on electric airplanes and efficiency improvements for new designs.  For now, residents in communities impacted by air overflight can take advantage of incentives to purchase new or used Plug-In Vehicles and install solar panels with energy storage batteries. The energy cost savings can be used for indoor air filtration and water purification, among other methods to improve health.

Chollas Creek airplane flight path air pollution
Our maps use a variety of symbols, outlines, colors, labels, etc. to easily depict information. Above, mini airplanes show the flight paths over the Chollas Creek Watershed. Residents under the flight paths are more prone to air and pollution related illnesses.

The rebate programs can be confusing, and finding all the correct data and maps to check for eligibility can be time consuming and prone to errors or misunderstandings. Makello researched the programs and data used to determine eligibility, then developed a program eligibility map for parcel level qualifications. We’ve eliminated several steps and are able to easily show a customer their property’s location in relation to the program criteria. Check out our Service Areas link and get a Free Energy Savings Estimate today. 

Rebates and incentives for solar and battery energy storage
Up to 100% SGIP Rebate and Tax Incentives qualifiers: Level 2 or 3 High Fire Threat District; Disadvantaged or Low Income Communities; electric well pump; SDG&E Public Safety Power Shut-off events.

Makello works with non profits and other agencies to create maps for Environmental Justice initiatives.

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