350.org for a Green New Deal

San Diego 350.org chapter volunteers tackle climate change

Attendees packed the room for the San Diego 350.org chapter seeking volunteers ready to tackle climate change with direct action!  You are welcome to become a part of the movement for a Green New Deal that aims to rebuild America and fulfill our nation’s promise, by creating jobs and restoring our moral compass, with integrity, for the health of the environment and the common good.

The dire report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states that the world must utterly transform its energy systems in the next decade or risk ecological and social disaster.  It is time to Raise The Alarm.  350.org is launching a campaign of direct actions to effect real change and get media attention and need YOU to make it happen!

Many of our political leaders are in denial and unwilling to show leadership on climate change. SanDiego350 organizes actions that will bring this issue to the fore.  The kickoff meeting on February 23 planned for direct actions in our county that will demand the attention of those who can do the most to make a difference.

Visit SanDiego350.org for more information.

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